Welding Garden Fixtures
Instructor: Max Van Pelt
Price: $345.00
Dates: 05/31 – 07/05
Time: 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm (3 hours)
Class Days: Thursdays
Number of Classes: 6
No Class On: 04/24/18
Have you been spending lots of time digging, planting, and tinkering in your yard? This spring, get your hands dirty in the Steel Yard metalworking shop while creating something unique for your yard or garden! This course is a great opportunity to build something special that will make your garden just a little more beautiful. In this introductory welding course, the instructor will show students welding and finishing methods while supplying the technical/aesthetic expertise to help students fabricate an elegant project. Ideas can range anywhere from decorative tomato cages to bird feeders, rusted steel planters, trellises, textured stepping stones, potted plant stands, wall mounted shovel or hose racks, custom signs, feeder stands, or a sculptural weathervane. Already have something in mind? Feel free to bring your own wild ideas to the table! Whether you tackle one larger project or several smaller ones is entirely up to you. No previous experience necessary—this is a great opportunity to explore welding for the first time. Materials and tools will be provided.
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Instructor Info: Max Van Pelt:
Max Van Pelt is a Providence-based contemporary artist whose work moves freely between sculpture, painting, and installation. With a tendency to let unexpected forms germinate from a particular detail or material connection, he maintains a keen passion for welding and manipulating steel. Max holds a BA in Studio Art with a concentration in Architecture from Dartmouth College. In addition to his enthusiasm for teaching others, Max enjoys exploring his surroundings as an experienced whitewater kayaker, mountain bicyclist, and thirteen-time US champion in olympic-style target archery. You can visit his website at: www.maxvanpelt.com
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