Creating a Set of Jewelry
Instructor: Brijette Stamp
Price: $375.00
Dates: 06/20 – 08/15
Time: 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm (3 hours)
Class Days: Wednesdays
Number of Classes: 8
No Class On: 07/04/18
Learn how to construct a set of jewelry using non-ferrous and precious metals such as copper, brass and silver. Students will create a one-of-a-kind set of jewelry using gemstones, found objects or precious keepsakes. Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of designing and fabricating a cohesive line of jewelry including a pendant, earrings, ring, and bracelet. A knowledgeable instructor will introduce tools and techniques to create unique surface textures that will lead to dynamically layered pieces. Students will also learn the basics of soldering, piercing, texturing, stamping, light forging, roll pressing, stone setting, patina and finishing. No prior metal-smithing skills are necessary. Metal will be provided for practice and exercises, but students may need to pay for additional metals needed for their independent work.
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Instructor Info: Brijette Stamp:
Brijette is a recent graduate of Rhode Island College's (May 2017) Metalsmithing and Jewelry program- who's history has laid within agriculture. Being born as a fourth generation female farmer, her work has always lied within these two realms of farming and metals. Both completely different lines of work, but none the less connected. Brijette spends most of her time on her family's farm, either in the garden tending to animals, or at her bench. She is highly driven, hard working, and always willing to learn.
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