Cast In Place Gemstones
Instructor: Corkie Bolton
Price: $115.00
Dates: 05/12 – 05/12
Time: 10:00 am – 4:30 pm (6 hours)
Class Days: Saturday
Number of Classes: 1
No Class On: 01/01/18
In this class, students will learn expand their jewelry practice, learning the technique of imbedding gemstones into wax to cast in place. Over the course of this one-day workshop, students will learn basic wax carving techniques of carving, filing, and polishing to create a ring or pendant. The instructor will then introduce techniques for embedding gemstones directly into the wax carvings. These wax pieces will then be cast in metal, with the gemstones fused directly into the work. The result is an organic piece of wearable artwork with the potential for some unexpected surface variations. This class is open to all levels, although previous experience working with your hands is encouraged. Tools, wax, and gemstones will be provided; however, students will have to pay for their castings - price varies depending upon the material that is used and the weight of the casting. Students will be notified when their castings are finished, and will be able to pick up finished work from the Steel Yard office during business hours.
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Instructor Info: Corkie Bolton:
Corkie has been making jewelry since she was in high school and after graduating from Pratt Institute in 2007 with a degree in metalsmithing she continued to pursue her craft. She is a Providence local and mother of two. You can view her collection of jewelry at
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