Skill Center

If it's been a while since you've been in the shop, or you'd like to grow your current skills, we have collected an easily accessible online resource for you to learn more or refresh. Our skills center has tutorials on everything from welding, to ceramics techniques, to soldering tutorials. The materials gathered here are from free and public sources. These resources are for reference only.


Manual and full lesson plan for Arc Welding.

More basics of Torch Welding

Good intro to MIG welding techniques

TIG welding tip sheet

Basics of Oxy-Acetylene welding

Great Technical Welding Facts from the American Welding Society

Selecting Gloves for Welding and Cutting

Fluxes for Arc Welding and Brazing: Safe Handling and Use

Arc Viewing Distance

Oxyfuel Safety: Check Valves and Flashback Arrestors

Coated Steels: Welding and Cutting Concerns

Welding Safety in Education and Schools


Video on basics of wheel throwing

Ceramics Helpful Definitions

Hand building Techniques

Very Basics of Wheel Throwing (Getting Started)

5 “Great” Wheel Throwing Techniques

Technical Chemistry side of Slip Casting

More on Slip Casting


Basic Blacksmithing Techniques with Illustrations

Great Book on Blacksmithing


Stone Setting Techniques

How to use a Jeweler’s Saw

Comic Illustrating Basic Soldering Techniques

Extensive ‘How To’ on Soldering


The TAB Guide to DIY Welding: Hands-on Projects for Hobbyists, Handymen, and Artists. Written by Yardie Instructor Jackson Morley.

Using a Hossfeld Bender

Torch Cutting Doc- intro into oxy acetylene cutting tip

Intro to Plasma Cutting

Plasma Cutting Tips

How to use a Horizontal Band Saw

How to use a drill press and Drill press safety

The Art of Bending (Diacro)

Plasma Cutter Instruction Manual


The Cupola Furnace by Kirk Edwards

Getting Started in Sand Casting

Sand Molds (very thorough)


Wood Kiln Plans, article

Wood Kiln Firing Basics

Graphic Symbols for Precautionary Labels

Cylinders: Safe Storage, Handling and Use

Eye and Face Protection for Welding and Cutting Operations

Personal Protection Equipment for Welding and Cutting Operations

Fumes and Gases

Electric Hazards

Fire & Explosion Prevention

Burn Protection

Mechanical Hazards

All employees and persons using the Steel Yard must follow simple and common sense rules of conduct to ensure their own safety as well as safety of those around them. It is everyone’s individual responsibility to familiarize and understand the Steel Yard’s policies before using the Steel Yard shop.