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The Steel Yard's Micro Residency is a great way for makers to get unfettered access to our studios for a finite amount of time. Micro Residencies are ideal for individuals looking to use the Yard’s facilities for creative exploration, to complete a prototype, create a sculpture, work on a commission piece, or build their portfolio. This residency has a minimum contract of one month, with a maximum commitment of three months. 

2016 Micro ResidencyThe Steel Yard’s Micro Residency Program is designed to help artists and fabricators achieve their project-based vision in a supportive, cooperative environment through access to the Steel Yard’s studios and facilities. Participants in the Micro Residency Program matriculate into the cohort of current Artists in Residence, work in the community shop with shared tools, have personal storage space, and get an all access pass to our studios in pursuit of their own work.

The Steel Yard hosts Micro Residencies in Ceramics, Light Metals (Jewelry and metal forming), and Metals (Foundry, Blacksmithing, and Welding). All Residents will have use of their respective studios except during teaching times, special events, or when the Steel Yard is closed.  

Micro Residency Requirements 

Artists/makers accepted into the Micro Residency Program will be required to sign a contract detailing responsibilities, privileges, studio access, and safety procedures for each studio. Residents will also be expected to pay a monthly resident fee for access to the Steel Yard’s studios and participate in departmental clean ups.

Micro Residency Fees 

Artists participating in the Micro Residency program will be expected to pay a monthly access fee of $400.


Applicants accepted into the program are required to remit a signed contract and the first months fees withing 2 weeks of notification of acceptance. Residents agree to pay subsequent studio and/or materials fees fee associated with the department to which they have been acceptedby the 15th of each month as billed.

Residency Period 

Participants in the Micro Residency program can apply for up to three months of studio access. The 2017 Residency Programs run from April 1st, 2017 – December 1st, 2017.

To Apply

First, read and review the 2017 Residency Handbook (pdf) for guidelines & expectations. To apply, please submit:

  • A  completed Micro Residency Cover Sheet (pdf) including contact information for a reference who can speak to your creative practice or artistic background.
  • A current resume
  • A detailed description of the project you wish to complete during your time in the Steel Yard studios. (one-page max)
  • 5-10 digital images of current work. Please include project drawings, if applicable. Standard format JPG at 1920x1920 pixels @ 72dpi


Completed applications (application cover sheet, references, resume, narrative, imaged and statement) can be submitted by:

  • Submit digitally at
  • Or by mail to The Steel Yard, 27 Sims Ave, Providence RI 02909.

Application Deadline

Applicants will be considered as requests are made; RSVP’s made within 30 days from the receipt of the applications.

Incomplete or partial applications will not be considered. Applications may be submitted via email, snail-mail, or in person. It is the policy of the Steel Yard that there shall be no discrimination with respect to the selection of the artist in residence because of race, color, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, gender, age, physical limitations or military status.