Public Projects FAQ

If you’re a future client looking for more information about how to commission a Public Project, take a moment to read our FAQ’s below.

How do I commission a Public Project?

All Public Projects start with a conversation, so take a moment to fill out our Public Request Form (doc) and we’ll call you back to begin discussing your project needs. The Steel Yard is capable of working on Public Projects of any size and scale, so we can accommodate your request whether it’s for a single item or you’re looking to have custom furnishings made for an entire neighborhood.

How much will this Project cost?

Although pricing is dependent on many factors, the cost of a custom amenity made at the Steel Yard is close to or comparable to anything you might purchase out of a retail catalog  from other manufacturers. We’re able to price our work competitively because we work out of a small shop, and create work for our clients upon request. Because we don’t keep inventory on site, our overhead costs are low. We also source our materials locally and can deliver and install locally which means that there are minimal shipping charges associated with your project. To begin the quoting process, fill out our Public Request Form (doc).

What’s the timeframe for getting my Project completed?

The timeframe to take a Public Project from the initial designs to the installation of a completed project varies depending on the scope of the request. From our past experience, we can estimate that smaller scope projects may take anywhere from 1-3 months, while larger projects can take anywhere between 4 to 6 months to articulate and install. Due to all the variables, the more we know about your project, the more accurately we can determine the length of time it will take to completion and install your amenities. Please fill out our Public Request Form (doc), and we can discuss the timeframe of your Public Project.

Who actually makes these pieces?

At the Steel Yard we foster collaboration; a skilled team of local artists, fabricators, youth program participants, or Weld To Work trainees will work together to design and fabricate your Public Project.

Can I see examples of previous Public Projects?

Absolutely! We’re proud of the projects that have come through our shop; you can see numerous examples in real life around the greater Providence area and throughout Rhode Island. We’ve also compiled an online gallery of past examples of our Public Projects on our website. To see a selection of the custom furnishings that we’ve made, and to read about the significance of each project, visit the past projects section of our website.

Do I get a say in the design of the Project that I commission?

Creating public amenities that reflect the clients’ ideas is important to us. The more details you can provide about what inspirations you would like your project to reflect, the better our team of artists can put their creative minds to work to draw up a variety of designs for your approval.

Will the Steel Yard help with the installation of my Public Project?

The Steel Yard can handle the installation of all projects upon request and can coordinate public installations with state and local authorities in your city or town.

What types of finishes are available, and how long will they last? Longevity?

We offer a variety of finishes for your project; from Galvanizing to industrial urethane or polyester powder-coated finishes offered in a variety of brilliant colors. Our Public Project team will help you select the proper coating and color for your project.

Will the Steel Yard provide maintenance work on Private Projects?

The Steel Yard does offer maintenance upon request and extended term warranties.

Why should I commission a Public Project instead of ordering something pre-made from a catalog?

By choosing to commission a Public Project from the Steel Yard you will receive a one-of-a-kind, artist-produced product, which will help to improve the cultural vibrancy and identity of your community. We believe your decision to contract with the Steel Yard is an opportunity to celebrate your community’s unique identity while providing necessary amenities to people who work and live in the area. At the same time, you will be actively and importantly engaged in building a local, sustainable, and creative New England economy.

Want some more examples of why working with the Steel Yard is the right choice for you, read about our recent successes in the press section of our website.