Jobs Board/ Private Requests

Here at the Steel Yard we strive to make our facilities an accessible resource to our community’s artists and metal workers. Through our Jobs Board we facilitate the process of private clients commissioning work directly from the local creative community. Private requests are typically projects that are intended for a private business or home and for which access will be limited.

The Steel Yard makes every effort to find a good match for your private request. We encourage you to take a look at our staff and instructor profiles to see examples of some of the talented people who may consider your proposal. To post a request, please complete our online request form.

We advocate for paying artists well for their skilled labor and creativity; when figuring out your budget, please consider the costs associated with the following project components that the artist will incur:  design time & skill, materials, labor, facilities, finishing (paint, patina, etc), delivery and installation.

*We consider private proposals separate from our Steel Yard projects and cannot guarantee work done by individuals who respond to private requests. However, they will be posted widely to the Steel Yard's community of professional artists and many successful projects and working relationships have begun through this process.


If you're an artist who would like to receive bi-weekly e-mail updates of private job opportunities, enter your e-mail in the form below and choose 'Private Request Updates' on the next page.  If you've already subscribed to one of our newsletters, instructions on updating your account will be e-mailed to you after you hit 'submit' on the next page.

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Artists and fabricators interested in accessing our studio space can learn more on our Studio Access page.