Nick Tomlin

Nick Tomlin grew up in Singapore and England before moving to Providence to study Industrial Design at RISD. During his studies he became deeply involved in studying geometry, in nature, ornamentation and industry, which have since had a strong influence on his work. He then took up Blacksmithing for the sake of tool making, and has for the past three years made a journeyman’s seasonal migration between Bogota, Colombia and New England. In Bogota he regularly teaches a 90-hour course in Sacred Geometry at the Escuela de Artes y Oficios Santo Domingo, one of South America’s leading craft schools. Outside of class, he works as a prototype maker for Colombian artists and designers, and makes custom tools for woodworkers and silversmiths. In New England, he works for Master Blacksmith David Court of Tilton, NH, and at the Winnipesaukee Forge of Meredith NH. Nick is interested in the re-use and repurposing of steel, and learning old colonial techniques of blacksmithing, whitesmithing and toolmaking. When he works in Colombia, he is always impressed by the reality that you don’t need all kinds of fancy equipment to make something beautiful and useful.

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