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Donate → Tools and Materials

We are always looking for new tools, materials, and resources. If you have anything you want to donate or recycle, please contact our office (401) 273-7101 or email


  • standing variable speed drill press
  • pallet racks
  • air filtration systems
  • manual sheet metal roller
  • finger (bending) break
  • new blower for the Tilt Iron Furnace


  • adjustable wrenches
  • clamps of all sizes and shapes
  • angle magnets for welding
  • clay working tools
  • electrical cordless drills
  • blades for portaband
  • welding tips for Miller 210 or 212


  • scrap steel
  • cone 6 clay, new or old
  • cone 6 glazes
  • blacksmithing coal
  • soft and/or hard brick

Other Items

  • welding masks
  • welding jackets
  • welding gloves
  • fire cabinet for storage